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Broadcast Engineering

Professionals in this field enjoy lucrative pay packages in the industry.

The terms information and broadcast have always gone hand in hand. The term Broadcast Engineering can be defined as regulation of equipments for signal strength, clarity, and range of sounds and colors in radio and television broadcasting. The increase in the number of radios and televisions has correspondingly increased scope for Broadcast Engineers. The work responsibilities of a broadcast engineer involves maintaining broadcast automation systems for the studio and automatic transmission systems for the transmitter plant. Broadcast Engineers are also responsible for maintaining radio towers, which must be maintained with proper lightning and painting.  Broadcast Engineering relates to electrical engineering, electronics communication engineering, radio physics and to some extent computers and Internet technologies


Broadcast Engineering Society (BES) India is the Apex Body of government for maintaining exclusive affairs of broadcast engineering as a profession in the country. Professionals in this field enjoy lucrative pay packages in the industry. Broadcasting Engineering is not offered as a direct study discipline for undergraduate students. However, specialization at post graduate level in broadcast engineering is offered at various universities. All communication related organizations require the services of a broadcast engineer. Broadcast Engineers  can also work with government and private broadcasting organizations. Both radio stations and television houses needs services of broadcast engineers. Besides broadcast engineers also work with space and marine agencies.