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Govt promotes its flagship programmes like Swachh Bharat, demonetization through NCERT textbooks

  June 01, 2018

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), the organisation which publishes common subject books for school students, has made several changes in the curriculum and the books over the past years but since the arrival of the Modi government , NDA-II schemes have become an adverse part of the books for classes 6 to 10.

Since the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education's (RBSE) new class 10 and 12 textbooks have started spreading the importance of government schemes by subtly introducing them in certain chapters, according to The Wire.

NCERT has also developed a new plan for replacing the images of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the new notes introduced during demonetization in primary school textbooks.

The main changes that have taken place in the NCERT books for classes 6 to 10 have been the insertion of paragraphs and facts about government schemes such as Digital India, Beti bachao Beti Padhao, Smart City, Skill India, Swachh Bharat and Demonetization.

Main focus on Swachh Bharat, Noteban and Digital India

The initial change that was introduced in the textbooks for class 6 was in chapter 6 of the Geography book which reads: ''Healthy mind lives in healthy body and for a healthy body clean environment particularly clean water, air and hygienic surroundings are pre-requisites. Swachh Bharat Mission, a government of India programme aims to achieve all these for people.''

This reference was made under the topic ''Landforms and the People'' in a chapter about major landforms of Earth.

Class 7 Geography textbook contains a small paragraph about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan which reads:

'' To accelerate the efforts to achieve universal sanitation coverage and to put fours on sanitation, the Prime Minister of India launched Swachh Bharat mission on 2nd October 2014.

Class 10 Economics chapter '' Money and Credit'':

The prelude of class 10 Economics chapter '' Money and Credit'' in the NCERT textbook contains an introduction to the concept and meaning of Demonetization in about 250 words.

The trivia box in class 10 Geography book, chapter 7 has now been replaced by a brief summary of the objective of the Digital India Campaign.

''Correcting the errors'' made by UPA

The historians from Indian Council of Historical Research had suggested the revamping of textbooks to change the matter introduced in NCERT books by UPA. The main objective was to raise the feeling of patriotism in students and make them more receptive towards government schemes as well as the history of our nation.

''Several things in these books are baseless, biased. The history of great valour of great personalities such as Shivaji, Vivekananda, Subhas Chandra Bose and Maharana Pratap find no place.'' The Indian Express quoted Atul Kothari, secretary of Vyas, as saying.

Former HRD minister Smriti Irani had also stated her plans to give a ''Hindu Perspective'' to school curriculum, as reported by Firstpost. Mention of schemes such as Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and Namami Gange have also been made in these textbooks to further promote the steps that Modi govt seems to be taking towards the betterment of the nation.